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Name Users Topic
##test 4 Script/Bot Development Testing Channel
#anime 8 Anime/Manga Room | Aqua is still useless | Special Signature to Save a Soul Gridman | Praise our savior Rimuru! | Fall 2019 Anime:
#chat 25 Welcome to fellow space travelers! | This is a general discussion #chat on both IRC and Discord | Please read the rules and stay safe out there!
#chat-ops 6 Welcome to the #chat-ops channel | Any assistance/issues in #chat can be brought into here.
#comics 5 Comics Discussion Channel
#commodore 8 All about Commodore Computers and home of
#conspiracies 4 Political Conspiracy Channel
#crypto 6 Cryptography/Security Discussion Channel
#cs-source 5 WorldGenesis IRC Network - Counter-Strike: Source Server | Server Info: | Current Map: scoutznknives
#doctor-who 5 No topic set
#earthquakes 4 No topic set
#electronics 5 Electronics Engineering Discussion Channel!
#fckafd 2 No topic set
#firearms 4 Firearms Discussion Channel
#gaming 14 General Gaming Discussion | What games are you playing? | Join us on Agario! | | Join us on #quake-coop!
#help 4 General Purpose Help Channel | If you have any questions connecting, feel free to ask them here! | Feel free to request a vHost here!
#homebrew 12 Welcome to #homebrew! | All-in-one #homebrew and hacking discussion | Feel free to join our other channels such as #gaming or #chat | PSP Hacking Guide: | For PSP Programming and Development Join #pspdev
#IdleRPG 6 Welcome to #IdleRPG! | Game Info: | Come in and join us! | Register via /msg IdleRPG REGISTER
#lgbtq+ 1 be gay, do crimes
#linux 7 Linux Kernel Discussion Chat | Hastebin:
#media 9 TV and Movies Discussion Channel
#minecraft 1 No topic set
#ModernRogue 3 No topic set
#mtg 4 Magic The Gathering Channel!
#music 9 Aye let's talk about music | Our Spotify Playlist:
#opers 1 No topic set
#ot 2 No topic set
#pewdiepie 5 Unofficial Pewdiepie IRC Channel | Dr. Phil Hosts Meme Review!
#physibles 2 No topic set
#politics 8 General Political Discussion
#programming 11 CODING AND ALGORITHMS | sometimes about other things, but mainly SDL/GL lol | Paste your code in Hastebin: | Feel free to use our git repository:
#project_junipero 3 No topic set
#psp 4 No topic set
#pspdev 3 No topic set
#quake-coop 8 Welcome to the Quake 1 AND Doom 1&2 COOP channel! | Server: | Recommended clients are EZQuake and Zandronum
#requests 4 Network Requests and Suggestions Channel | A channel to request/discuss things for the network! | All requests for the network must be stated in this channel and not in a private message.
#retro-gaming 2 Discussion Channel for Retro Gaming! | Anything prior to the previous generation!
#rpg 4 Role-playing games | Dungeons and Dragons Discussion | Join us on telnet
#rss 6 RSS Feed News Channel | Suggestions are welcome! | News: Slashdot/BBC/Wololo
#SELinux 2 No topic set
#staff 2 WorldGenesisIRC Network Staff Channel | All Network/Server requests must be made in the #requests channel. This is for server network assistance only
#testing 1 No topic set
#thelotus 3 Have you ever had a dreams that, that you, um, you had, you'd, you would, you could, you'd do, you would, you want, you, you could do so, you, you'd do, you could, you, you want, really been far even as decided to use even go want to do you so much you could do anything?
#warhammer_40k 2 a channel for warhammer 40k chatter, or other similar tabletop games
#warhawk 5 Warhawk game discussion (PS3 and PS1
#weed 7 Professional Weed Retrieval Services
#wtf 14 | | |
#youtube-videos 5 Share your YouTube videos! | YouTube Videos from main channels will appear here!

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