WorldGenesis IRC Service

WorldGenesis IRC Network

Just another IRC Network with some cool people.

Access Sites

How to connect to our chat servers

Our network can be accessed via the WorldGenesis Webchat or using an IRC client such as weechat, irssi, mIRC, HexChat, or AndroIRC.

You can connect to WorldGenesisIRC by pointing your IRC client at (IPv4) or (IPv6) in ports 6667 for plain-text connections or ports 6697 for SSL-encrypted connections.

Once you get connected, feel free to check out all the channels by typing /list and then entering it onto your chat client.

Recommended IRC Clients

These are IRC Clients that I've personally used or seen people using them.
If you have any recommendations, let me know!

Microsoft Windows
mIRC (Paid)
Hexchat (Free)
X-Chat2 (Free)
Chatzilla (Free)

Linux (Debian-based)
weechat (Free)
irssi (Free)
Konversation (Free)

Mac OS X
Colloquy (Paid)
Aquachat (Free, based from Hexchat)
Textual (Trial/Paid)

IRC Revolution

Colloquy (Paid)